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Friday, 6 November 2015

It Makes You Beautiful Instead

What would life be like if they could have kids, if the storm didn’t bother her, if he escaped the mad tribe, if the father wasn’t wounded by his own, if the words were less sabotaging, if the son was believed in, if the daughter wasn’t killed every day, if the mother wasn’t treated this way?
Would they be less cruel? Would the world be a better place to live? Would the harshness of life become easier to take?

Ever wondered why are we capable of thinking “What if?” when it never happened? Don’t you see it does us more damage than the reality could? Why it is hard to let go when it is nothing but a fantasy? Why the lost desires and faced failures haunt us later in the form of ‘IF’ questions?

When the regret is here to stay, show the demons we are still the one who conquered. The one, who is happy despite their unmet needs, the girl who survived the storm, the man who stood up for his tribe, the father who was done wrong yet forgives, the words that are enough to fix it all, the son who achieved when no one believed, the daughter who learned to love you back, and a hurt mother who still prays for you.

Stop saying “What if” and realize you can change the picture entirely even now. Hard times don’t make us despicable; they only make us more compassionate. We need to avoid using our problems as an excuse to be mean to others. Whatever we could not have shouldn’t make us envious; let it make us more humble and humane. Whatever we got easily shouldn’t make us arrogant; let it make us grateful and content…