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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Daughters: Our Precious Pearls

My neighbors little four years old Rafeya is a sweetheart. Rafeya is the cutest little girl I have ever seen; she has big brown eyes and super long black eyelashes, and a lovable smile. She comes to play with me every weekend. For me she is pure relief from the stress and she’s also my baking inspiration. We color together, play and have fun. Rest of the time is spent running around to keep her from destroying my cosmetics. Although she is so cute that all my expensive cosmetics seems worthless against her joy and excitement.
One day we were coloring together when I asked about her favorite song. At this moment I was expecting something cute like the Barney song, “I love you, you love me, we’re happy family…” or “Da Da Da Dora…”  

Rafeya slowly swept her long silky bangs aside and said casually, “Sunny Sunny” and started to color the doll again.
“What??!” I stopped in panic and stared at her.
“Sunny sunny” she replied with the same causality and ease in her tone.

My jaw dropped, I was dumfounded.  For sec or two I felt so helpless then I gathered myself and asked her the important and scary question.
“You haven’t seen the video of the song, right sweetie?” I asked with fingers crossed.
“Yeah I have seen the video, everybody is wearing shorts in it” she placed both her hands on her mouth and giggled loudly. Even in all that shock I couldn’t resist but smile at her simplicity.

We adults have to change the channel if we ever come across such trash on T.V. and this four year old little girl has seen it! It’s just heartbreaking, she is so innocent, and she doesn’t deserve to be exposed to stuff like that.
Then I asked who showed it to her? She told me her brother, which is even worse. Her brother is only nine years old.  
WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PARENTS? If you can buy your kids expensive stuff like iphones and ipads be responsible enough to watch how they use it.
First of all you don’t have to hand them devices like that if you can’t keep an eye on them, by the way they DO NOT need it yet.
Secondly if you have bought your child an ipone at this age then show them their boundaries. Spend time with them so that you can make them love our religion and Islamic culture. Teach them to despise all the immodest, forbidden and wrong things.

No wonder why we see boyfriends and girlfriends in school age these days. Every day on T.V when your child sees having boyfriend and girlfriend is no big deal, how could you expect them to think otherwise? And if you don’t have time to teach her at the innocent age don’t blame her later. Don’t cry later that you should have buried her at the time of her birth like the time of the Jahiliyya.
If you think I am being cruel or too harsh, and after reading this you want to pull your hair out, scream and run around in circles then hold on! I have the BEST solution.

I know parenting is not easy but all you have to do is insert the seed of IMAAN inside your child’s heart when they are little. Play your part perfectly, give your best and have faith in her. They are pure clay, this is the only time you can mold them into beautiful characters and charismatic personalities. Unfortunately our Pakistani parents think ALLAH(SWT)’s obligations come only when the teenage comes. NO! Our children are Muslims from the birth; they should be taught and reminded of being a Muslim each and every single day of their childhood. 
May ALLAH(SWT) help us raise our daughters pure and precious like pearls. Ameen…