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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spirituality: This is Your Wake Up Call!

When you hear the word 'Spirituality' what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Saints, scholars, or ulemas? Why we perceive spirituality as something so beyond our reach?

Spirituality resides inside of us in a dormant way; all we have to do is activate it. Each and every one of us humans is in DIRECT connection with our Creator, only if we could see. And no matter who you are this connection is unavoidable. I know you have felt it too, this is the reason you can understand my point so clear.
It could be an hour of the day, or a past incident, a dream, something out of this world, that hits you and ignite this divine connection. However we are just human after all so we forget very quickly. Work, education, job, lifestyle, smart-phones, fashion, media, news, gossip, movies, games, facebook and what else is on your mind? How many other chains are you entangled in?

Young age is wasted on worries about the job, and living up to the so called high standards of the society. And how many sleepless nights to build a bigger house but not a better HOME. We perceive materials as a source of happiness, joy, pride, status, peace and satisfaction. No wonder why we see people texting even during their Salat these days. 
Salat is to remind us of that connection we have with our CREATOR. Since we human are bound to forget hence THE WISE ALLAH has blessed us with five reminders a day. When you are connected to ALLAH you will feel connected to more valuable precious things in life like your family, friends and neighbors, least connected to the materials. Materials more or less, luxury or not, they stay materials after all.

Even a person with little common sense and limited knowledge can be more spiritual than a person who has read a million books on spirituality. It’s how much you work on your relationship with your Lord. How much you give and how much you care about it. The most wise and intellect people should watch out for the loop holes like ego, pride, weaknesses, addictions, gaps and cracks. These loop holes can harm your spirituality and destroy you completely.
If you are waiting for a spiritual sign, a reality kick that open your eyes, a beautiful dream that shows you the path, a wise advice from a friend that melts your heart, a work of art that will change your life, then this is your wake up call.  Turn to ALLAH!

"So fall you down in prostration to ALLAH, and worship Him (Alone)"
Surah An-Najam (53) Ayat 62.