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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Big Dream: It’s Your Success Story

They tell us determination is required to follow your big dreams, but is this enough? Then why do people give up even those who are devoted and committed. The reason is they tell us half the story, skipping the nightmare realities. When one actually starts the journey they are struck by countless failures. These falls will break them and force them to give up soon. So here is the rest of the story. Failure is a small word, because on your road to success you will get Massive Attacks! It would be like getting hit by huge Volvo trucks driven by the blind drivers over and over again. Your work of art would be trashed, burned to ashes, and for the hard work all you get is a big MEH!   

Be ready to face the worse, for being prepared will provide you the needed tolerance. Even if you watch your hard work going to waste don’t skimp on it. They can destroy your work but don’t let them burn down the factory. You are the factory; talent is a limitless source so keep producing the best you have. The more they break you, tear you apart, the fierce your talent should ROAR back. Strongly believe that someday they will recognize the fighter, you will be heard.

Then there will be success days that will take you to a long trip to the sky. The next day you might find yourself back on the dirty ground. These are the worse type of falls that have enormous after-effects. Makes you hate it all and even yourself. If you can’t let it out in your work, then take a day off, go crazy break things, shout, beat people up, slap your little siblings, throw muffins at strangers on the road, do what you want. Then get back in the game as soon as you can. Be resilient don’t wait for healing. No one understands the hell you are going through so heal yourself. Find goods in everything rejoice even the tiny little successes you get. Even if it’s only a sign of a success it’s worth a freestyles insane Bhangra dance of yours.

Think of failures as the speed breakers, they are only there to change your pace for the next level. Only if you don’t lose your heart and use your head, failures will help you come back stronger than ever. Failures can be confusing, one day you might feel your big dream is about to become a reality and the door slams in your face. I know it’s a lot easy to say than to deal with. And this hits you right in the heart where your dream lives. It will have an adverse affect but as long as your heart is alive so is the Big Dream in it.

I have seen people giving up not because of the failure but because of the fear of competition with the giants. Remember success doesn't go to the best in the game; it goes to the one who fights for it LONGER.  Persistence is the hardest test; it is the acid that shines the precious diamond. The only thing you need to be irreplaceable and rare like diamonds is persistence.
Today if you are insulted, humiliated, ignored, laughed at, rejected, than the good news is you are on the right track! When no one believes you, believe yourself. The world will see you deserve it only if you can show how badly you want it. So here is the million dollar question you need to answer, for the success; How bad do you want it?