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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Repentance: To Illuminate You

I have found three main categories of new generations of the Muslims around me. One who is lost in western culture and the luxuries of this world, the other extreme are the ones who follow Islam because they are forced to. Then there is this third category, these are the young brilliant students torn in between the other two extremes.

This third generation has the most knowledge of Islam; they have spiritual insight, thirst for knowledge and thus understand what Islam really is. The only problem is they are confused, they watch the tyrants enjoy life and the innocent suffer. They see their friends skip Salat, lost in the world of pleasure and get away with it. They think they are the only one against the world of evil so they almost give up on the hope to make a difference. What they forget is Islam is the hope, the brightest lamp, the positivity itself; it is the light that ignites the hearts and eliminates darkness.

The thing that amazes me most is the youngsters who are farthest from their Rub become the closest to Him. This is cause they were the most desperate to run away from the darkness to the light. They have witness what it is like to live in the shadows of depressions. They once longed for freedom; and now they have realized you can only free yourself from salivary of all creations of this world when you become a slave to its CREATOR.

Whenever you will leave the route ALLAH has decided for you, you would only end up suffering. At first you will feel you are so close to your destiny that you can almost grab it. It seems so near making you explode with pride that you did it on your own. Unfortunately when you extend your hand, and reach it, everything falls apart. All efforts go in vein all that looked too real too close was never there, never yours.

Then you find yourself on the ground, exhausted, tired, helpless and lost so then you repent. It’s just a beautiful reminder for the AR-RAHMAN that we are HIS slave and no matter how miles we walk away it is HIS Territory and HIS Will.  May He the MOST LOVING forgive us and guide us to the right paths and destinies in this month of RAMADAN KAREEM. Ameen