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Monday, 28 July 2014

EID Day: Lets make a delicious Disaster!

How many of you agree that the best thing about Eid day is the DESSERTS! The only thing I love about cooking is desserts. I perceive Desserts as simply spreading smiles, love and happiness right from the kitchen into the hearts. The only problem is my family doesn’t view my desserts as happiness. Most likely they view it as a waste of resources.

A dessert without chocolates is a bore so all of my DISASTERS include lots of chocolates. Did you see what I did there? Now let me enlighten you. 
Once I made this perfect ultimate valentine chocolate dessert, called “Chocolate Mocha Pot de Crème.” It was simply a chocolate pudding in cups with a name that I couldn't even pronounce. It took me only 15 minutes to cook it then I left it in the fridge over the night.
Next day enthusiastically I asked my family to taste this awesome chocolate pudding expecting lots of praises. The first thing they asked was what it is called. I thought for a moment then said hesitantly “Chocolate Crème La Something.” They gave me a confused suspicious look. Yet they had no escape but to taste it reluctantly as I was jumping up and down busting with excitement. The next thing my family said was: “Wow nice, it’s good chocolate syrup so where is the dessert?”

It’s hard to be a good cook when you are so creative and artistic that none of your desserts resembles the original recipe in any way. After a long list of dessert disasters I have come to this conclusion that desserts just don’t get along with my freestyle cooking. They are more traditional and allow no space for my innovative ideas.

Let’s see if I succeed in making the vanilla dessert or disaster tonight for the Eid day while my family tries their best to keep me out of the kitchen. Now I want you to share what you love about Eid day and let me know what desserts are you having this Eid. May this Eid bring us lots of lovely desserts, Eidi, joy and happiness…!