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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bad Handwriting: Reasons why NOT to Improve!

When we talk about new hairstyles or dresses, we find that Messy is the latest trend, why can’t we say the same for messy Handwriting?

I mean it’s about time we stop setting a standard for handwriting.  Let’s celebrate Bad Handwriting. At this point you might me thinking I am crazy or that I have bad handwriting…? Well that’s not the point the point is to LOVE yourself just as you are, even if it’s something as small as your handwriting. Secondly if you are the exception with the Times New Roman style font, then read on to find why bad handwriting is worth being proud of.

First of all we should drop the word “BAD” it’s too harsh. Handwriting is never bad, it’s just unique. Never call it sloppy either, it’s not careless, it’s actually Carefree. It’s more like freestyle dancing something way too artistic and inborn. You just can’t change it; in my opinion you should never try to change it. Google told me Bad Handwriting is a sign of intelligence. It comes when a person can think much faster than they can write. Then it told me it can be a disorder and that’s where I stopped googling. Avoid too much google it can be bad for health.

I hear a lot of criticism too; one of my teachers once told me, my handwriting is the Wingdings style font with the size of 16. And he also told me how my handwriting gives him a severe headache. My only excuse was I get a carpal tunnel syndrome when I try to write any better…
 Yet what I like about that is my handwriting stands out, he never had to read the name on my exam paper. It becomes your trademark, which is so awesome!

Bad Handwriting reflects your personality, it shows love for freedom, and it shows that you don’t want to get tied down with the rules of traditional standards. If you are trying to make it pretty you are just becoming a fake person. Something you are not and it will affect your personality too. Remember fake can never beat the original in beauty. So if you have bad penmanship, I mean “Freestyle Handwriting” be proud of it. This is who you are.

Please let me know if you think I am right, and if you are my teacher I don’t want to know… I’m kidding, please share your ideas, comment to let me know you were here.