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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Health: Not too hot for a cup of TEA?

Fiery sun comes out with scorching heat expressing its merciless rage over everything it can. Everything you touch is steaming like a pressure cooker. Fierce hot air, steaming hot water, sweltering kitchens, taps, roofs, floors, everything you touch is on fire! And on top of that people are fiercely enraged for no apparent reason at all. Like when you come to the kitchen and quickly start sharing jokes all the fun things happened that day and all of a sudden your mother turn to glare at you in slow motion.  Then you gulp and tiptoe out of the kitchen slowly, yeah that kind of a hot humid day.

And the craziest thing of all is seeing people drowning in sweat and still enjoying their hot cup of TEA! The sun is already burning our outsides, lets burn the insides too, wonderful idea. Everybody is doing it. It’s a grave intense addiction we can’t pull out of. I asked a few people if they are addicted to tea, but they instantly denied it, they said only two cups of tea a day is not an addiction. If you think you can’t skip One cup of tea, while you sweat in this blistering heat, you are ADDICTED my friend.

I agree tea opens up our minds and all the other good things advertisement stuff into our minds but you are already getting that kick from the sun you don’t need to punish your insides in summers. And don’t come up with the cold coffee idea, coffee stays coffee whether you put ice into it or an iceberg in it. A better idea if you are too willing for something hot would be a cup of GREEN TEA. Why, because it doesn't burn your insides, it soothes and have tons of health benefits.
I know it’s not easy to replace a severe crucial addiction of Tea to GREEN TEA in one day but one step at a time is the key. One thing I like about bad habits is we know they are UNHEALTHY and that’s what gives us the strength to abolish them. I hope I can give you a little push you need to attain a healthy life every day.

There are so many reasons to love summer it’s not just green tea folks, drink iced fruits smoothies, chilled milkshakes, watermelon juice, keep yourself and your loved ones cool, happy and healthy. Happy Summer everybody!