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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fitness: Five Things to keep you Motivated this Summer!

Summer is the best opportunity to lose weight, to achieve a better shape, or to fit in that old dress. Unfortunately not much of us benefit from this incredible opportunity only because it’s too HOT! 
No doubt this awful heat has drained not only our energies but also the profound motivation for fitness. So buckle up to take the flight of motivation that lands on the islands of Success every day.
Expecting to lose weight while skipping the “summer season” is like walking in the wrong way up an escalator, it won’t get you anywhere. Summer Workouts mean no cramps, no muscle pulled, no aftereffects of a tough workout. And don’t worry about the heat; perspiration from workouts has the tendency to COOL your body itself. Thus making you feel lighter and less irritated by the heat than you were before the exercise.

No more exercise:
If you hate workouts then do whatever moves you. Pick your favorite dance moves, your favorite sport, it doesn't have to be the same boring exercise every day. You can add you own secret spice and everything nice into your daily workout routines. Our goal may be the same yet I insist you to use your own special strategy that gets you there.

Gym wears: Get ready with clothing that prepares you mentally. Gym clothing that you feel comfortable in is a must. For instance shoes that get you running, is a motivation in itself. So next time when you feel lack of energy for a workout you know what to do.

Find a cool spot: The room you choose to workout in should be properly ventilated. Excessive sweating can lead to increased humidity and suffocation if the air doesn't circulate freely. Outdoors is also a good option but only when the sun is less harsh.

Stay Accountable: Motivation also comes in abundance when you are answerable to someone. Tell your family and friends what your goals are of weight lose this summer. Write it on facebook, twitter, comment it under this post, Go public, drive people crazy with your goals and in return people will help you stay motivated.

Avoid dehydration: Drink lots of water after the workout as I DO NOT want you to faint due to dehydration. Do your Workouts when the atmosphere is a comparably cooler. The early morning hours, or the evening when the winds starts to cool the temperature are suitable to avoid suffocation. 

Today during the walk from the bus stop to my home I felt like a lost princess in Sahara desert.  I glanced at the end of the street which seemed unreachable making it harder to even drag my feet. Then I focused only on my feet, trying to lift them instead of dragging and that’s how I finally reached home. I was able to do this only by focusing on the PROCESS and not the result.
Hence focus on the beauty of the workouts, the dance moves, the sports, or whatever ideas you have for sweating off pounds this summer. For those who are serious about results, summer is the golden chance from nature to you.
Please share your goal and strategy I would love to hear your creative ideas… Best of luck!