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Sunday, 4 January 2015

A New Beginning!!!!

Note: Article sent by volunteer, Maddah Hussain

Sometimes all you need is a spark. An ignition to get your engine running. Although, Man has invented machines but in doing so, he actually made a mirror image of himself. It may sound crazy but have we ever thought about it? That we are doing what we're told, like someone has defined some tasks and we're executing the commands. It's just like we're running in circles or a particular pattern. We wake up, get ready for work, eat, go to work, have lunch, more work, get home, eat and then go to sleep.

I used to believe that everyone is unique but in reality, people only look different but on the inside everyone is just the same like everyone is running in circles and getting nowhere. Now at this point, some people are bound to get confused about this whole concept of living, some become lost, some will linger on and some will draw a tangent to a circle to end up somewhere new.

The whole point is that Mankind is destined to achieve the greatness of the all the worlds, not to be caged and lost in the limbo. Everyone wishes for a reset button to start over new. Well, you can always start over, not from the beginning but from where you were devastated, broken and crushed. To be precise, from the moment you gave up on life or yourself.

The reason behind this is that we have limited ourselves to our small lives and we are so caught up in things that we even forget about ourselves. Take some time out and think about all the great things you can do. You can do anything, you can become anything. You just have to put your mind in to it. JUST STOP AND THINK FOR A WHILE THAT WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING? WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING? AND WHAT GREATNESS YOU CAN ACHIEVE!!!!!!!!