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Sunday, 11 January 2015


TV shows are such a waste of time. Warning: an entirely pointless and casual article ahead. We don’t have to be professional and boring all the time. Right? Not that I just ran out of topics.
Have you ever watched the whole season of a popular TV series in a row? It’s not about the sad shows, which no sane person likes to watch. The sitcoms or super dragged comedy series in which everyone is funny, goofy or both. The shows that keep you hooked on till you begin to resemble any hypnotized drug addict. Soon you know so much about these witty people. And it starts feel like you are a part of their lives when they don’t actually exist?! The moment when you know everything about each and every character of the show it all ends.

OK it might be an over exaggeration but either way it doesn't get any better. Since you’d always realize it was an absolute waste of time. Not really cause probably there isn't anything else to do sometimes. So perhaps the feeling of being wasted comes from considering it a reality and later finding you are not the piece of the puzzle missing. In case you have a smart scheme; to keep the final show of the season pending for a few hours believing it would help. It won’t.

No don’t even think of denying it, sometimes nonsense things makes the most sense, just admit it. (Even if it appears so, that was NOT some cheesy line from the serial. And you just believed a lie.) Anyway why do we watch shows that sure make us laugh then bring so many creepy feelings afterwards? Unless you have someone to discuss it with in which case it gets a little less lonely maybe.
It’s OK if it was your own choice but in case someone recommended it to you. Not just recommended but introduced the whole idea of watching the complete season in one day. Then you must stop listening to such mean, heartless, and ‘has no life’ people.  For their long term motive was to make you feel great in imagination but miserable in reality. Now do you see the master mind plan? This addiction turns you into a restless hungry Zombie, MUST. WATCH. MORE. SHOWS!

Long, downright disturbing story short: just stop it, it’s not healthy. Guess we ended up finding a meaning to this pointless discussion. However I’m not sure if I have added to the temptation of watching another Season in a row. This leads to a very important question, which TV show made you feel this insane when it was over?