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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ungrateful: Let's get MARRIED!

Dear paper-hearts your imagination is a blessing, if you can use it right. Imagine your ex and start talking to them and act as if they are really there. All that you could have been and the things they would have said. Trust me it will always make you laugh. And soon you’d get tired and the ex's ghost would eventually fade away. Woahoo! This is the best way. Sure your family might diagnose you with schizophrenia but it will be worth it. Forget counting how many degrees of separation there are pay attention to your creativity. Cherry on top this relationship advice keeps you happy or maybe I’m the only weirdo here.

Don’t we have had enough of the WHATEVERHOOD movies with the same plot since we were in kindergarten? Life won't work the way you expect and this is the beauty of it. Yes it gets worse but don't it return you greater rewards and the least expected opportunities? The thing is we have lost the plot. The purpose of life was never to get the right one. Even if you get the right one this world won’t turn into Jannah. It stays exactly the same if you are lucky.
However Islam doesn't stop you from marrying the person you like. The problem arises when life doesn't turn into a fairyland after you marry the love of your life.  We expect too much from the creation of ALLAH. Plus we take pride in staying ungrateful to our loved ones, just to keep them struggling like slaves. And the day they give up we go to the whole world complaining how our marriage is a mess. Once the argument is resolved we use it as a secret weapon to bring the partner down bad next time.

Here is a beautiful example: One day we called our maid for overtime to do some extra chores around the house. She came to help showing great loyalty. Before my mother paid her overtime the maid started praying for her husband. It was shocking for this man has given her absolutely nothing of value, no house or wealth, not even kids! She works extra hours for the school expenses of her adopted son. Yet she is grateful and praying for her husband. How lucky is that guy and how much she respects him. Who are these people and what are we?

Life is too short for confusing yourself with superfluous distractions. Whatever is written in your fate will stay yours. Nothing can be better than to put your trust in ALLAH who is Al Aleem, The ALL-KNOWING. Be grateful and accept any goodness that ALLAH sends your way.
Oh and let me know if the BEST ever breakup-remedy mentioned above works for you. Extraordinary is what we are!