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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Solution: Smoking is a thrilling blindfold!

   If you started to smoke to look all “Brad Pitt” chances are you’d end up looking more like Gollum. Others excuses include peer pressure, workload stress, emotional imbalance, etc. Then there was this smart sneaky guy with a villainous air around him I met on a pleasant Punjab tour until his mother told me the weirdest thing ever. He’d smoke and pile all smoked cigarettes at his father’s bedroom door, sometimes the whole pack! Thus maybe in some cases smoking is done in derision, vengeance or to get a reaction.  Anyway if you knew the whole situation you’d be on this guy’s side, only we have to agree his revenge is pathetic and absolutely self-destructive.

The process of quitting is same for smoking, you search the problem first. The problem is craving. Ok now figure out why, when and where it emerges from. And then how it penetrates into your system. Pick your lame excuse for smoking and replace it with something more devastating and positive. If the replacement didn't work and surely won’t work in the beginning so keep replacing. The process itself keeps your mind of the negativity. By the way there are many other better options to reduce stress than decomposing yourself alive.

A smoker who wants to quit is never ashamed of the cigarettes but they are ashamed of realizing they have lost self control. They start to feel helpless against the bad habit that haunts them; especially when their loved ones desire a healthy lifestyle for them. Addiction is crazy thing if you start to give in it becomes the giant you could never beat. We forget we are the one who let this monster in and fed it. In that case your addiction is pretty smaller than the monster you are only if you understand.  The question is not “how I got here?” it is “how I get out of here?”

Somehow each and every one of us is to blame for not restraining a smoker just because it was a guy. Shockingly in our culture a male smoker takes pride in talking about it. In contrast females are blessed with a huge barrier of social unacceptability here. Plus our society believes Male has more responsibility and needs to provide for the family and protect it. And then ironically it allows them to invite painful death caused by addictive cancers. Smoking is simply a long term confused yet sure suicide plan. The solution is smoking should be made taboo for both genders.

Even if you do it casually or once in a while when with friends it does NOT become any healthier. Also we need to see bad habits don’t come in good times on a golden plate. Let’s hope they find a way out of the hell, without becoming a part of it.
Spread the good word and keep shining!