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Friday, 9 January 2015

Spirituality: Lessons Learned!

Few years back I and my two girls were bright eyed and bushy tailed hijabis who knew nothing about Islam.  The good part is we wanted to learn more about ourselves and find reasons. The problem with that was we never got one for being looked as a lost cause. Then someone told us about the new guy at campus.  This guy who would teach people about Islam and by people I mean ‘girls’. It sounded spooky at first but then we thought he is on the right path? Maybe...

On your search for knowledge, spirituality or Islam you’d come across many different types of people. The people who give you no right to question then impose their ideology on you like King Julian from Madagascar. Further on your journey you’d encounter horrible realities of how people are divided and how they don’t even acknowledge the concept they are ready to 'DIE' for. Sadly it adversely affects a learner and their perception about Islam. They start to fear asking questions. 
No matter how many disappointments you get on your journey it should not stop your search. If you are lucky you’d find people who only show you the path by walking on it as an incredible example for you. This scenario is extremely rare though.

Anyway this guy turns out to be decent, honest and poised man except for one thing. He would set his own Haram and Halal, and could change them the next day plus with a logical explanation. For instance we girls have to abstain from bad company but it is OK for him. The reason was his gossip lover; rumor spreading, materialist friends were his childhood buddies. At first we were astonished wondering how he does that but later the only person he deceived was himself. The downfall is destined when you start to mess we NATURE'S rules.

The key is to never believe what they only say, just sit back and observe. Observation is enough to see if they follow what they teach you. A teacher has to be an example first or else the lesson is multiplied by ZERO!
Leave all your bad companies or they will take you right back in the ditch where you pulled yourself out of. Stop being guilty about things you don’t even owe people in the first place.  When you want to rise to a higher spiritual level, start to let go whatever is unnecessary. How can you set yourself free when your feet are tied to the heavy burdens? Spiritual soul has to be lighter in order to rise above. Untie itself from sins, bad company or anything that pulls you down to the ground. Remember arrogance does not take you up it drills you into the concrete floor permanently. The opposite of light and spirituality is depression and downfall.

Well that guy did help us learn that each and every one of us has the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. If don’t get influenced by the prevailing trends or absurd cultures for the truth penetrates through it. The recognition of truth is already programmed in you; your conscious is a gift from your Creator. Thus when the truth comes to you stand by it and abandon anything your HEART rejects.