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Monday, 2 March 2015

Stay Happy: To Survive a Rough Day!

A beautiful day in Karachi with warm sunshine and endless cool winds since past three days. Words of wisdom for people with sinus allergies: A handkerchief. On the contrary if someone had a bad day at work, home, or just by soulful discussion resentment over CWC 2015 with friends. Here are certain ways to survive a rough day.

When you know the problem but you can’t fix it. Try to accept things as they are and move on. First important step is to avoid the pity party or self pity. They both serve as rubbing salt in the wounds. Just walk away while they talk to you, or literally run if you have to. It will be worth it.  

Secondly find comfort in your own company. The most important thing you need in times like these is to make peace with oneself. You should always be the first person to forgive yourself. Never look for flaws in yourself or others under any circumstances. Weaknesses can be improved but imperfection makes you stand out and shine.

Watch on the desperate need to let it all out. Don’t go out telling it to everyone you meet. For drama is the least thing you are looking for today. You never know what kind of day the other person had. Hold it in a little longer you’d find a better exist for this frustration.

Avoid sitting idle in the place where it all started. As it might encourage irrational decisions and spread negative energy. Leave that place as fast as you can. Change the entire scene around you. Go to your favorite peaceful spot. Here is where you’d convert this negative energy to create a positive thing that benefits everyone.

An act of kindness can not only make your day, it can positivity change your life forever. Bad day is the best day to be generous and give out charity. Even if charity is a tiny good deed you can afford to do. A little effort to: feed birds, a Salam to stranger or just a smile to a fellow. Enjoy the day to realize Sami Yusuf is right: Your healing starts the moment you start to heal others.