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Friday, 6 March 2015

Frankly, Just Say NO!

((Brrring Brrring)) Phone Rings
[After a long tiresome debate to justify watching cricket is not a waste of time.]
Friend: Skype?
Me: No, I've work to do.
Friend: What work?
Me: (Me taking way too long to come up with an excuse, as usual)
 Friend: I’m all alone, I can’t count on anyone.
Me: Count on ALLAH alone, don’t depend on people for happiness.
Friend: I don’t, but even Adam A.S was sent HAWA R.A when he was alone.
Me: Yes… just like you have a HUSBAND!
Friend: Well he leaves for office! And I’m alone again!
Me: [Facepalm]
Friend: So are you coming?
Me: Fine! Only 15 minutes. 

She dragged me into it again today. Frustrating when you've never been a people pleaser and are extremely honest. However it’s hard to block too many emotional bullets on daily basis. Still we all play courage the cowardly dog once in a while: ‘Things I do for love.’

Lesson learned is to never get caught in a debate. It’s certainly a DEAD END! Should have just said, ‘No I can’t, over and out’. Any other way leads to a gazillion expectations.
We should realize an act of kindness is never initiated by fear or guilt. Stop being guilty you don’t owe anyone anything in order to be kind to them. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone either. Sometimes it’s our relaxation time in the entire day but the manipulator does NOT care. Remember if you don’t treat yourself right, no one will. When you don’t want it, simply walk away without guilt.

You can never reach your potential if you keep letting everyone control you. We cannot please everyone nor were we created to do so. When a friend wants your time (or money) but you can’t afford it, be honest, fearless, guiltless and straightforward. And if as a result this friend abandons you, consider it a favor you did yourself. Friendship ends the day it starts to appear as an infinite bank loan.

There’s a fine line between kindness and enslavement. This is something we all get blind to. People pleasers lose the entire game. Our religion doesn't teach us to be dumb and blind but to be WISE and insightful. Break this exhausting cycle and set yourself free from any enslavement of the ungrateful creation. 
Me: NO! (Hang up...)