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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Today's Weather: NOT SO GOOD!

Karachi has never been this cold, it’s the mid of March and yet no sign of summer. The cold winds decide to stay a little longer leaving everyone confused or sick. Along with the winds a massive wave of sore throats, flu and fever hits every house in town. It’s like weather playing fool of everyone who jumped on cold water and ice creams too soon. As usual my older brother includes in them.

Miss summer bad, and all the benefit it comes with. Workout gets easier, no unbearable cramps, or muscles pulled. Plus you can eat desserts without the fear of instantaneous muffin toppings.  Winters make your ridiculously resistant to daily activities let alone exercise.  My friends were so looking forward to some push from the weather. Fired up to hit gym, get in the best shape for a wedding.  And they all gave up last week when the stubborn winter refused to leave.

Important message to all the Ex-Macho people now in sickness, this time period is worse than winters. Keep away from cold drinks just a few more days. When already fallen in the pit an animal would too look for a cure. Humans have been given the intellect to understand, predict, and prevent harm. It’s sad to see how adults don’t understand their body reactions to food intake. Sometimes we know it’s bad but still are guilty of the same unhealthy patterns. Remember you need to stay healthy to protect the loved ones who depend on you. 
I may sound like a 60 year old party spoiler right now but I learned it the hard way. Day One: ice cream. Day Two: ice cream. Day Three: I’m on cloud nine thinking ‘MUAHAHAHA! Me ssho Sshtrong!’
Day Four: On bed rest for WEEKS with the worse fever EVER! (Er… Not to mention the burden of regret)
Moral folks, when the winds are rough, take good care of yourself…