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Monday, 16 March 2015

A chance to make it RIGHT!

Listen to motivational songs, get excited and fired up to change the world. Thirty minutes later this hero goes to bed dead tired. I'm definitely doing it wrong. Finally I decided to share some of the brutal lessons learned after the mess was made. Some everyday mistakes we need to fix to live happier. If you are guilty like me, consider it a chance to ponder or to make it right.
1.     Never deceive the person who stands up for you. They are rare than diamonds, value them. Or else carry the burden of regret added in the misfortune you welcomed.
2.    When they give up on you leave them behind. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Just keep doing your THING for yourself. When the sun rises all can see the light.
3.    There’s nothing worse than a liar. Be a fool to believe they would change for you. If they don’t, the blindfold of expectation should not cease your head. The only good change would be, you walking away.  Be that good change.
4.    Never depend on people. Do it yourself even if you were raised like a princess. If it’s your job and affect only you then take control. The hardest staff to manage is your own self.
5.    Never let anyone ruin your relationship with your heart. Heart is more sensitive than we know. Once crushed it might stop talking to you forever. Makes one worse than the DEAD!
Never do what you don’t feel like doing. Trust your instincts even if it costs you to get off the road in the middle of nowhere. When you don’t want to go, don’t go!
7.    Make decisions with utter confidence even if you are crazy indecisive. Once implemented, trust your decisions. You are the only person needed to stand by it, in order to bear results. 
8.    Let it go when you are ready. Stay here in solitude to moan a little longer if you like.  Roam around the lifeless room as long as you want. Paint black and white abstracts on every wall till there is no space, colors or memory left. When you are done, walk out of this place to never return. 

When you let go of what you don’t want, you will get what you always wanted. We’d start to live with no regrets the day we stop holding back so much. No matter how crazy it is if you want to do it, today is your chance. Stop missing out on all the smiles, opportunities and happiness knocking at your door.