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Monday, 23 March 2015

Youth: Reached your Full Potential?

“My worst fear is, never being able to reach my full potential.” 
I remember his exact words. It’s quite impressive as long as the meaning to potential is not narrow or cheap. I couldn't resist but ask to clear the vague picture, as goals have to be specific. 
“Like raise my living standards…”
This answer was so depressing that all of it came crashing down. Didn't expect for someone that insightful and talented to be so limited. Crazy how we keep insulting ourselves by comparisons and competitions with the so-called "Higher Standards".

Truth is you will keep losing the game that was meant to be lost. However you’d find what you’re looking for the day you get tired of fooling around and go back home. Home where you belong, where there is no wasteful crazy race, or unquenchable thirst for more. Where there are no haters and oppressors. The place you unconsciously desire and work for everyday, but in all the wrong directions.

When would you see everything around us constantly feed wrong perceptions to our subconscious? Anything that increases your burden of guilt doesn't come under the heading of fun. It’s called sin. Remember everything we are exposed to, gets absorbed in our personality whether we like it or not. Most of the time we don’t see the monster we created until it’s too late. Worse is when it comes out in the form of dependents who admire you. Why do they expose youth to crime shows of envy, lust, arrogance, greed and people getting away with it?

Also wrong meanings to what you want and what makes you happy. The results would be quite depressing if all your life’s efforts where solely for the BLING BLING. Spoiler alert you have an EXPIRY DATE! There is a highest earning stage of a man’s entire life in the LIFE CYCLE. At this age we start to make enough money, we reach higher standards of everything. Expertise wisdom you name it, and then we perish.

No one follows the smart advises you throw at them on daily basis. Actually it frustrates them. The only way we can touch lives of people is when you show them how it’s done. The influences are generated by demonstration. Also they subconsciously or consciously remember how you dealt with similar situations.
And you can turn negativity around by exposure to the stories of people of compassion and humanity. Increase your exposure to the BOOK that liberates you from fears, distress, indifference and ignorance. It’s truly the only shield for your subconscious, dependents and dreams.
Now it's your turn to answer, what does full potential mean to you...?