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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Whatever Happened to 'Live Your Dream'?

After being ridiculously judgmental and nosy what does this nation do best? We love to talk about our ambition in life. And continue sharing THE DREAM for years later. Till every stranger at the bus-stop finish your sentence word-perfect. Soon this desire becomes a boomerang. That returns to hit us right in the face.
It keeps knocking you down, Life ain't fair huh?

There are three types of dreamers that you’d meet:
  1. Mr. Cinderella
  2. Mr. Last resort
  3. Mr. Forgotten 
Mr. Cinderella _ “I will be...” This is the person who has areas of improvements and much to learn. Also they have the ability and capacity to reach there. They are appreciated for their talents. And everyone around them sees a star in them. However this person is passive. Why? They are waiting on their fairy godmother!

Mr. Last resort _ “Someday when I have enough time…” I don’t think so, when life is smooth and paychecks come easy it becomes harder to sacrifice. The enough time that you might get, will be spent on more quick cash. Not greedy for any sane mind would do so, the difference is dreamers don’t have a sane mind. They know passion and dreams don’t pay you instantly. It takes great deal of you to return grander rewards.

Mr. Forgotten _ “I used to be…” I have met a lost poet, a squash player, a writer, an artist, a musician who used to be in a band, and many other dreamers that I can’t recall. All gave up for seemingly legit reasons. No criticism there except for one thing. I've only seen them happy when they’d talk of what they used to be.

Life without desires is only a collar on your neck with the leash in the hands of people you love. Living without a reason and vision is worse than the life of a rock. Isn't 2015 enough to make you see years pass by like seconds? Get a grip before life slips right through! Living your dream is not a 9 to 5 pace, it’s a 24/7 of what you love and enjoy…