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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Is your Confidence Level: HIGH!!!?

In an encounter with two college dropouts I found the main thing they lacked was self-confidence. They were brightest intellects who had stopped believing. Let’s retrieve our lost faith by understanding the cause and effect.

Past failures of life can make the present task appear daunting. Haven’t we seen many geniuses giving up their entire life’s work after failing just once? They keep lying there in dirt on every fall, and then complain for being treated like dirt. You wouldn’t want that, right? So here’s the deal, Extract the lesson from past failures and the delete the torment.

Keep away from over confidence. It happens when you set your expectations way above your potential. It’s good to be optimistic but your goal should always be realistic and achievable. Once you get to the next level then set higher goals. Baby steps ensure to get you there faster than a blind long jump.

Critics, the worse ones are always your own family. Even if you become a specialist your family will always see you as an amateur. You don’t need anyone’s approval or appreciation. Stand by your side when everyone else walks away. 

Fears will always be there, pay less attention to them. Concentrate on the things that reduce your fears of failing. Also change the direction of fears to help you achieve goals. Instead of fearing to let everyone down, try to fear the consequences of losing faith in you.

Doubts are your internal critics. These are definitely most difficult type of critics to avoid. Remedy is a constant reminder of the moments in life you achieved your desires. Display all the awards, titles or certificates in a place where you can see them on daily bases. This serves as a high impact slap on the face of the little voice in you.

Negativity that drains you (or would try to) is called haters. These are the people who hate everyone who set an example of endless possibilities.  They are daredevil who would go far off limits to destroy you in any way they can. You don’t need to worry for the ONE who created you gave you a remedy for it. I.e. ignore them and ask your Maker for protection.

Failure may seem a result of the external uncontrollable factors but it start from the inside. The inside critic you could have controlled. On every failure don’t we feel there was more than enough chance for our success? It’s simple; people who succeeded in this world were only the people who defeated their own demons. Simple conclusion calls for a simple question: Do you really struggle to beat the worst critic inside you?