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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Compassion: An Unfortunate Evening

Note: Article sent by Anonymous volunteer.

The child in panic desperately looking for help, his grandmother instantly realizes that something is wrong the only words the child can utter are AMI!!!! She quickly marches and finds his mother in bed crying and shivering complaining of palpitations, she tries to get her up and take her to the hospital but she refuses to be taken to the hospital saying I don’t want to end up like HER!!!!

But who is the SHE in question? She was sweet, kind hearted, funny, and full of life yet to begin the best years of her life. On a reunion with friends my phone beeps and the words left me in utter shock. “She is in a comma!” I excused myself and moved to a quieter place trying to make sense of what was happening. I stood there in silence thinking about how? When? Why? She was perfectly OK the last time I saw her not long ago.
I left in a hurry and started the long drive back to my hometown. The next day I went to the hospital to offer whatever little help I could. What I found out filled me with an even deeper sadness and anger. It was gross negligence that had brought this beautiful person into the clutches of death. Something that could have been so easily avoidable was the reason that a life full of prospects came to a tragic and sudden end.

Diabetes ran in the family and as to why all the apparent signs were ignored is beyond me. And perhaps should be left alone as it will only inflict more grief upon the family. Before the night in question 2 am at night she became extremely uneasy, stressed and had a panic attack. What her family did next was what anyone would do to get help and took her to a hospital. The doctor was informed that her sugar level was very high as revealed by the test conducted a day prior.
Lack of competence, lack of compassion or maybe just to get her off his hands at 3 AM at night the doctor told the family high sugar level has nothing to do with it and it is just plain old stress. He pumped her with a vial of valium pushing her into the beyond. It was indeed the last nail in the coffin, as what little strength her had left to fight was taken away from her and she succumbed to sleep.

Her brother picked her up and took her home into her bed, the concerned mother stayed by her daughter’s side the whole night and dozed off next to her. Her eyes opened at 5 A.M and noticed her daughters lip color to be a horrifying blue shade. She rushed to wake up her son and they rushed her to another hospital this time. Even over there she did not get the required care and our country being our country. She only started to get the required care when phone calls were made by someone who knew someone. Alas it was too little to late even though the best doctors tried continuously the next 48 hours but they eventually had to pull the plug. As what was left of her on that bed was only a body full of tubes surrounded by the beeping sounds of machines. What made her truly is she was dead.

Why has life become so cheap in our country? Why do we have to use contacts to even get the most basic of human rights? I often think to myself if we can’t even trust hospitals and the doctors in them, what are we to do if tomorrow some other loved one needs desperate help. It is indeed a sad state of affairs; I can’t understand why we as a nation lack compassion. We gobble down a 5000 rupees meal at a fancy restaurant and feel so mighty upon giving the poor waiter a 200 rupees tip. Maybe it is not only the doctors that are to be blamed. Maybe it is all of us. Maybe it is the whole nation. Maybe we all could contribute to make someone else’s life better in some way but are we to self-centric to think outside our little bubble?

It was indeed a very tragic evening and even though our interactions had always been very formal yet it moved and affected me in a way I would not have expected. Maybe it was that she was yet a child. Or maybe it was because it was something so very avoidable. I will never know. All I can do is hope for a better future for me and for everyone everywhere. As tragic is it was and when all is said and done I find solace in the verse.
“Surely to ALLAH we belong, and to him shall we return”