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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What Kids know about Ramadan?

I asked two kids of different age groups to share their views about this month. And I was amazed by what they wrote. Enjoy refreshing perspectives of kids about Ramadan:

Age: 12
Class: 6

What do you like about Ramadan?

The thing about Ramadan I like is that in this month we all human beings stay close to each other. We avoid fights and abusive language to make our Allah happy. We fast also to make our God happy. When children fast first time in their life their parents do Roza Kushai they give them gifts to make them happy. Their parents are also happy that their son or daughter fast first time. We pray to Allah and say sorry to him for our bad deeds we did in our whole life. I like Ramadan because at this time we all are close to our Allah and we pray to Him in every namaz.

We all wake up at the time of Sehri, and then we eat food. After that our fast starts and our fast finishes at the time of Maghrib and our Iftari starts. Till the end of Ramadan we all do Sehri , Iftari and fast. In Ramadan we also give Iftari to poor people and we also invite our relatives to Iftar. At the end when the month of Ramadan is finished we all get a gift from Allah and that gift is Eid-ul-Fihter. On Eid we can eat everything we like. Everyone meet each other and this month comes again and again that’s why we should always say thanks to Allah that He gave us Eid.

Age: 8
Class: 2

What do you like about Ramadan?

I like Ramadan because the people do good work. People do not fight in Ramadan. We all pray to Allah. Men go to Mosque and pray Taraweeh and women pray in home. My mother cooks in Ramadan and I help my mother. We pray to Allah and sorry for our bad things we did. We all wake up at the time of sehri. Allah gives us gift of Eid because we fast for Him to make Him happy.