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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Love: We Break It Down For You

Note: Thanks to Mr. Walnut for participating.

Q 1. How do you define love in one word?

Girl: I define love as "RESPECT". It’s easy to say you respect someone but hard to keep your word. Respect enough to listen and to be with them when they freak out. Respect, to never lie, never sneak out on them. Any break-outs from this respect bubble are only a game losers like to play.

Guy: In simple terms “NO SCREWING AROUND”! To elaborate I define Love as to be committed 100 percent to the person under all circumstances. And yes respect is the core ingredient. Any deviation cannot be justified the simple fact is we guys are full of crap.

Q 2. Do you think of “LOVE” as an overrated delusion?

Girl: I don’t think so. Yes, it can become a delusion if you get obsessed with it by watching too many Rom-Coms. Like a guy falling in love for the 12th time… is an idiot or a player. Not a real thing.

Guy: That is a matter of reference for me; a parent’s love for a child is not over-rated. If we put a lens to love between couples then I’d say yes it is an over-rated delusion in comparison to the true definition of love.

Q3. Why do you think Love fails?

Girl: I believe love never fails. What fails is our fantasy for it. Wondering why didn’t it turn out to be like in the movies? We are brainwashed blind people seeking love in all the wrong places and ways. Perception is hard to change when you keep missing out on the real picture.

Guy: I believe it fails for a number of reasons and to varying degrees to lay out one. The excitement and romance of the unknown is dead. The problem being not much left to the imagination. Why does one ponder over past flings the simple reason because they never happened it’s what keeps them exciting? But yes I firmly believe that even if love has faded you still care for that person with the same intensity forever. Secondly maybe he/she is not the one; I believe friendship and brutal honesty in a relation as right behind respect.

Q4. If love is different from the cliché, how would you know it is love?

Girl: For us women, God made it pretty simple. Any fool can make you cry but different is the guy whose presence makes your eyes dampen out of happiness. It will be rare and larger than life.

Guy: You will know its love when hard times are upon you and you can only think of that one person. The person you will stand with, and stand for against the world. One who is a part of your day from dusk till dawn. The problem is we confuse infatuation with love far too often.

Q5. What about falling for a person you've never met or the long distance relationship?

Girl: Well I believe we fall for the personality and not solely the outer look. Good looks are only a bonus. What we humans really crave is someone who understands us and except us just the way we are. I’d say yes.

Guy: No I don’t think so; the true test of love begins after you have lived with a person for a considerable amount of time and been together through rough patches.

Q6. Do you think of LOVE as a curse or a blessing?

Girl: Ah…Well it depends on how it goes. Even when they fall back for you it’s not all a cheesecake. So yeah it’s a beautiful blend of all colors of life at the same time.

Guy: I think love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, to me one cannot define love in a few simple terms, and it’s a mix of biology and our perception of love.