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Monday, 29 June 2015

Put that Phone Down!

Finally hit bed with a constant pain in my shins, worn out to the breaking point. The burned chocolate cake on my right still somehow serves as immense condolence. You know life has changed when this friend you grew up with leaves you hanging on a stranger’s call. She was invited to share old good times. Yes it was hurtful for I had seen her after a very, very, VERY long time. Only to find I was not worth hanging up that endless 2 hours long phone call. I don’t hate the person who invented the mobile phones but I do hate the people who are obsessed with them. Nowadays guests visit each other only to talk to whoever is absent.

They say People don’t change. Their personalities only become more obvious with time. Either they get tired of the mask or we start to see clearer.  Honestly both ways we are the ones to be blamed. Our problem is we always expect the same warmth and love from them under all circumstances. We complain a lot about others behaviors. Never understanding what might have led them to it. Even if it’s none of our fault we don’t have a reason to whine about. We know we love them with or without the masks.

Best thing one can do in dilemma like these is: Keep it sweet and simple. Express what behavior you didn't like and why. Be precise and clear. On the other hand try not to be an addition in their stress. It took me a long week to find a way out of this dubious mess. 
I was a little hesitant at first out of her uncertain reaction. Then again holding grudges was never our thing. They are extremely dangerous and destructive to any good old relation. So I told her abruptly that her cellphone is not allowed at my place. At first she laughed and argued about how barbaric it is, and who does that? I laughed along but I knew she’d listen out of love and respect. And she did. 

This is how it goes; life is dynamic and so is everyone connected to it. Take is easy and say what you need to say. Sometimes your loved ones literally wait on it.