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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Different Cultures, Same Goals

Note: Article sent by volunteer, JAVIER from Mexico

It’s amazing how more differences people have from one another in relation to customs we are still the same. The interesting and beautiful thing is that we pursue the same goal: HAPPINESS
For now I’ll give you a hint: “to love, be loved and to be happy”. Moreover we purse all under the same premises, I mean we all fall in love, don’t we? We all make mistakes too. Then we either learn from them or maybe go back to commit them again. I think the only thing that sets us apart from each other is the motivation to do things.

The reasons are many, yet very seldom we do something that ‘WE’ like or desire. As very often we chase dreams only to seek the approval of others. It seems as we live in what other people think of us. We lose our desires, our dreams, everything to others. Leave our burning motivations and passionate dreams in the hands of other people. Who neither matter nor care.

The secret to happiness is we have to decide and we have to act. We must do what we like. What we want to do. We have to find our mission in life, in our life, and not of the others.
I leave you with this phrase my friends, “Work and discipline conquers all.” Have the courage to have discipline. Any goal you have you have in life. No matter how small the goal is, it is still a goal. Your challenge is to finish it. For solely your pursuit of happiness!