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Monday, 8 June 2015

Stuck with Fashion Freaks!

At a family gathering, this girl shows me a yellow summer dress on her profile of so and so ‘good-for-nothing-ridiculously-expensive’ brand. While munching on my vanilla-cake I pretend to look all interested, like “Nice”. Yep, not a good faker, neither she cared. Then as usual she told me how badly she wants that dress but can’t afford it. Then to make her feel better, I am like, ‘Who wears countless enormous laces in this heat’. That wasn't a sour grapes strategy, I was just being honest. Funny how two days later I see this girl wearing the same fancy YELLOW DRESS! Wow… so much to learn.

New summer dresses would come with a change you can hardly see. An addition or subtraction of a tiny little lace from the dress and BAM! Now it’s brand new and twice the price it was last summer. Shucks why didn't we chose to be a designer! But then again you and I wouldn't have been that mundane. Plus for hard working people like us it would be sad to put all our creativity in one dress. In which dress someone else can just change a button and wins the race. How frustrating!

More frustrating is being around Dresses-maniacs and fashion freaks. Whatever name you call them they’d still consider themselves more superior and ‘Fashion Aware’. Which is a good thing, I agree. It’s just they take it beyond sanity level. People who would spend hours surfing brand after brand, learning new trends, bothering everyone around and what happens next? They go to the market place, find a better dress of another unsearched brand and buy it. Oh give me break!

And then I get a phone call from a far away city, “Tayyaba, what do you think I should wear for the wedding next week?” My response?  I just bang my head on the wall.

With all due respect fashion freaks, keep you freakiness to yourself. Not every girl has a complicated relationship with their clothes. Some keep it sweet and simple.