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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ramadan & June

Ramadan the beautiful month we all look forward to each year. It’s the month with substantial spiritual, religious and cultural significance. However the cruel harsh weather killed most of our excitement on day one. According to the news, Karachi broke its ten years old records of extremely hot temperature. In just one day 106 people died of heat and now the collective number has reached to almost 500!

Fire spitting sun doesn't seem to care much about our fasts. As it releases all its anger mercilessly on us, in turn people are mad at each other until IFTAR time. IFTAR is only time when are charged back with excitement to celebrate again. 
Heat or no heat Ramadan is an eminent blessing for all. I mean are we not loudly indulged in discussions about HOW NOT TO GAIN WEIGHT THIS RAMADAN? Or low fat healthy diet plans? Just finding a delicious way to avoid PAKORAY but end up eating them anyway?

Not just the food but also the same tradition lame jokes of the year. Growing up proved it just won’t go away so I learned to live with it. The joke, “Aren't you supposed to be chained away this month?” Pokerface

Well one should rejoice all colors of life but sadly we become blind to the real purpose of this important month. It’s not about the jokes or the diet or the IFTAR PARTIES. This month is designed as the best training session for humans. Train you to gain control and be your own fiercely compelling managers. It lets you know how appetite is slave to you and not the other way around. To make us see how our spiritual self can dominate our body. It’s a beautiful test each day with an intoxicating sense of freedom.  

Remember the ONE who created you knows how long it would take a human to get rid of a bad habit. And time we need to adopt a good habit. Let’s promise ourselves to leave one bad habit and adopt just one good habit this Ramadan. No matter how small it maybe, like avoiding such bad jokes.
This time we take this training program seriously. And at the end of the month, may we walk out as a better person. Ameen