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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hanging out with Family...

It was the first break through of cool winds in the blistering heat of June. All of my cousins decided to hangout. We reached the mall and younger ones left for the game-zone. I might be too old for the games but my bestie and kids only need me there to win stuff. And I did win stuff. BOOYA! Cheering and going nuts. Few minutes later we left the kids with the couples and left for shopping. The weather was awesome and being with loved ones felt great.

After all that girly-freaking out on all of the stuff we liked and bought. My bestie and I went to watch the crazy winds. That’s when all of a sudden her SELFIE-BEAST gets unleashed. So we started from the place we were standing to each and every corner of the mall! The tables, the shops, the gaming-zone, the crazy cartoon at the gaming-zone entrance! Snapshot by the decor of the mall, the coffee stall, the brand promotions. With everything that came in the way while all of us walk towards the elevator. Until her older brother reaches to stop us, for obliviously we started to get all of the stares. So we quickly took a disturbed SELFIE while listening to his order and followed him.

Now while all of us were waiting for the elevator. We started again with Selfies at another lift’s door. ‘Cause the doors had beautiful stickers on them. The lights were so bright that we took five selfies there. Still at the door yelling at her for more selfies when I heard a guy say, “Excuse me!”
 I look back and see a bunch of angry people staring right at me from inside of the elevator. It took me a few seconds to figure I was blocking their way. Extremely-awkward-moments are mandatory for me even when it’s someone else’s idea! 

Then I slowly walk forward faking confidence looking at my family. While my brother looks at me moving his head from left to right in slow-motion. Sheepishly reached my bestie and we laughed under our breaths. Final selfies were inside the elevator like spies. We saved the rest of the craziness for the restaurant.